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Hootkid Summer

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Hootkid inspires playfulness, imagination, & colour, with a pinch of sass!! This season's  Summer is perfect for your 2-14 year old, & will definitely turn heads, with the use of colour, frills & design detail. Mono Pop is the funky monochromatic, street inspired range featuring dropped hem dresses, gingham, hearts & stripes, whilst Straight Up, is the bright, bold & feminine range, featuring party dresses, tutus, pink gingham, hearts, frills, stripes & ruffles.

After producing photo shoots for our Instagram, we are even more in love with the collection, due to our now first hand experience with the quality of the fabric, durability, comfort, after wear care & also that all our models wanted their samples to take home! 

Stay tuned for more amazing photographs on our Instagram, featuring the stand out Hootkid collection! 


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