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Djeco Wooden Toys, Puzzles & Games

Djeco is an award-winning French company that produces a range of toys, puzzles, art and craft activities and decor.

Beautifully illustrated, by talented artists and designers, their range is eclectic and original.

With exquisite, colourful designs and timeless appeal, their range stimulates a child's creativity and imaginative play. Many of their products, including their range of boxed puzzles, are ideal keepsakes that will continue to appeal long into a child's teenage years.

What makes Djeco special?

  • A large and original range. 
  • Attention to detail. Products include step by step instructions and decorative packaging. 
  • Creative and artistic. Djeco partners with artists, illustrators, graphic designers and inventors to create innovative products.
  • Within the range there are toys to suit all children’s interests and creative outlets.